Quotation for Playparks

Please read our guidance on obtaining comparable quotations before reading on.

Viridor Credits receives a large number of applications for playparks. Obtaining quotations for playparks, particularly brand new ones, can be complicated due to the number of individual pieces of equipment involved and the tendency of contractors to slighly vary their product ranges. This can make securing three comparable quotations harder and create problems during the application process.

Best practice for any playpark is to question your community on what they would like the see installed in the park, whether it be refurbishing existing equipment, adding new equipment to an existing park or building a brand new play area. This "wish list" from your community should then form the basis on which your contractors can submit their tenders.

For example, if your community required a slide, a roundabout and two-bay swing set, then this can be used to instruct your contractors on what to quote on.

Instances where contractors are given a budget and free rein on how to design your playpark invariably lead to three wildly-differing tenders and an application that Viridor Credits cannot consider.

For advice and guidance on play ground design, please click here (All content (c) RoSPA)