Wildwood Trust

Wildwood Trust is Kent's unique British wildlife park and conservation charity. Previous funding from Viridor Credits saw the construction of the Endangered Species Centre, and the Trust had reason to celebrate again after receiving another award to improve visitor access.

The Trust utilises its ancient woodland setting to educate visitors about British wildlife and wild spaces, but working in the natural environment has thrown up unforeseen challenges.

Recent bad weather and an unforgiving clay soil base have damaged the centre's pathways and created lakes in the place of lanes. These areas are impassable without wellies, cutting off much of the park for unprepared visitors.

The award from Viridor Credits was used to improve and upgrade the pathways using recycled materials to ensure good access to all parts of the park all year round.

Jon May, General Manager of the park, said "We are very grateful to Viridor Credits for granting us funding to enable this vital project to go ahead. It will make an amazing difference to our visitor experience during the wet winter months."

Find out more at www.wildwoodtrust.org (opens in new window)