Victoria Baths Restoration Project

Manchester’s historic Turkish baths were a hugely popular civic amenity for almost 90 years before closing in 1993.

Ten years of neglect saw the magnificent structure sliding into decay before featuring on and ultimately winning the BBC's Restoration programme in 2003. Originally built for a lavish £60,000 in 1906, restoration works to fully restore the baths will top £5,000,000. Chipping in to restore one of the most prominent features of the building were Pilsworth Environmental Company, whose award enabled the Victoria Baths Trust to renovate the old clock which sits in the top of the baths. Restoration works on the building began in 2007 and, to date, the baths have become a popular place for arts events, dances and even weddings! The ultimate aim of the Trust is to fill the main pool again, once more fulfilling the original aims of the Manchester Corporation to provide a centre of health and well-being in the centre of Manchester.