"Special" reserve saved by Landfill Communities Fund

Arne Lagoon is an unusual and special landscape that has a vast expanse of open heathland and old oak woodland.

Viridor Credits awarded £128,000 to RSPB in order to purchase the land, thereby protecting 28 acres of wildlife-rich and internationally important habitat. The former ball clay pit with the reserve has been transformed into a lagoon wetland area

Overlooking the undisturned shore of Poole Harbour, Arne has a rich diversity of special wildlife. In summer, Dartford warblers nest in the heather, nightjars fly at dusk and there are as many as 22 species of colourful dragonflies. There of thousands of wading birds, including avocets, black-tailed godwits and brent geese in winter. Ospreys are regularly seen on migration on late summer and in autumn.

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