Rhododendron Wood

Woodland Trust was established in 1972 to conserve, restore and recreate the country's native woodland and its wildlife.

Part of the trust's portfolio of woods includes Rhododendron Wood.  Rhododendron was introduced into the wood as an ornamental plant, but quickly grew unchecked.

Rhododendron grows quickly and aggresively, smothering natvie ground flora and affecting sub-canopy species. It also reduces the number of earthworms in the soil, decreases bird and plant species and affects the woodland's ability to regenerate by replacing fallen trees in the canopy.

In 2009, Woodland Trust approached Uffculme Environmental Ltd for funding to complete a programme of clearance that was started in 2004. The clearance of rhododendron has enabled the ancient woodland to re-establish native ground species that can support a much wider range of species