Hamilton Tennis Club

Hamilton Tennis Club was originally formed in 1884 and has been striving to improve facilities for both their younger and older members. In order to attract even more people to their Tennis Club and also to make use of an underutilised area, they decided to build a combination mini court and wall.

The Club encourages participation in tennis amongst young people so that they have a place to meet, keep fit, learn skills, socialise and to feel part of something bigger.

As well as addressing court capacity, a specific mini court and wall gives the opportunity to provide facilities that are specifi cally and only for young people 11 and under. A space that is their own. Viridor Credits awarded the Club funding in September 2017 and works began at a fast pace with excavation, levelling, drainage and surfacing works.

Once the markings had been put down, the members all had something to be very proud of.