All Saints' Church, East Sheen

Every church with an organ has something special, adding an ambience and character that is lacking in other churches. So when the organ at All Saints’ in East Sheen was badly damaged in a fire, it was unthinkable that it would simply be disposed of.

The enterprising parishioners of the day set about salvaging parts and rebuilding it, cannibalising another old organ for essential spares. Though hurriedly rebuilt, the repaired organ has served the congregation well for the last fifty years, becoming the backing to the renowned East Sheen Choir.

In recent times, however, it had become increasingly hard and expensive to maintain the organ, and the congregation were faced with buying a new organ or waiting for a suitable replacement to become available. They opted to wait, and their patience was rewarded when restructuring at a nearby church meant an organ worthy of renovation was offered to All Saints'.

So began the lengthy process of dismantling, transporting and installing the new instrument at All Saints', where it is hoped it will serve the church for the next fifty years.