Things are heating up for the Tiverton Museum of Mid Devon Life

Tiverton Museum of Mid Devon Life has been celebrating as the museum's heating has been upgraded thanks to a grant of nearly £18,000 from Viridor Credits via the Landfill Communities Fund. The funding enabled the museum to replace the obsolete boilers and to install insulation throughout the museum's attics. The new boilers are more efficient and will minimise gas usage, whilst the natural wool insulation is a renewable and sustainable material which maintains its efficiency for a long time period.

This has been a vital project for the museum.  The applicants were very worried that their obsolete boilers would fail and they'd be forced to significantly reduce winter opening hours as the building would be too cold for visitors and their volunteer team. A cold environment is also not good for the preservation of the museum's collections as a lower temperature can encourage a higher humidity level resulting in damage and mould growth.

The new boilers will be more efficient, and the insulation means that the building will retain a lot more of the heat produced.  Now, the museum will be a warmer, more pleasant environment benefitting our volunteers, visitors and the collections. Without the funding from Viridor Credits, the museum would not have been able to undertake this essential work.