Changing to Funding Environmental Bodies

From 1 November 2018, Viridor Credits will no longer fund a project where an environmental body (EB) holds the Entrust approval for the project works. This change comes from a realignment of Viridor Credits' policies to reflect guidance from the regulator of the Landfill Communities Fund, Entrust, and to simplify internal processes.

EBs may still apply for funding, providing that the project works are not registered with Entrust. Viridor Credits will register the project for approval with Entrust in all cases. If the project works have already been registered then you will need to de-register the project before we will be able to award any funding.

Where an applicant organisation is an EB, Viridor Credits will only release funds to the contractor. It will not be possible to transfer any funds direct to the applicant EB.


Q: Is my organisation an environmental body?
A: Your organisation is an EB if it is enrolled with Entrust, the regulator of the Landfill Communities Fund, to register projects or receive donations to the Landfill Communities Fund directly from a landfill operator. If you are unsure, please contact Entrust.

Q: Why doesn't Viridor Credits fund projects under another EBs registration?
A: In order to simplify our in-house processes and to better align our processes with Entrust guidance, Viridor Credits will now register for approval all projects that receive funding. This does not affect the likelihood or level of funding available to Ebs or non-EBs.

Q: What happens if my project is already registered and approved by Entrust?
A: In this case, Viridor Credits would not be able to consider funding the project, unless it was unapproved by Entrust.

Q: Will Viridor Credits still make payments to EBs via Form 7?
A: No. All payments will be made to contractors without exception, where the funding organisation is an EB.

Q: My organisation is not an EB. Do these changes affect me?
A: No. These changes only affect organisations that are environmental bodies enrolled with Entrust.