• Dronfield Woodlands Project

Dronfield Woodlands Project

Ancient woodland is among Britain's most important habitats, and one of the most species-rich. Development, misuse and disease all contribute to the destruction of this habitat, and so protecting our remaining woodland is essential for the continuation of many species.

Woodland is important for the well-being of people too, and finding the balance between recreation and protection can be difficult. Suitable footpaths, way marking and access can all help visitors enjoy the woodlands while leaving large parts of it protected from footfall.

Several years ago, Woodland Trust undertook a series of works in Nor, Owler Carr and Cook Spring woods to improve access and connection between these site with the provision of improved and more robust bridges, pathways and gates. The creation of a bridleway through the site also increased the scope of participation in this beautiful woodland.

And it's not just enjoyment of nature that attracts people to the wood. There are several sites of historical interest, dating back to the region's early industrial past.


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