• Coleridge Cottage

Coleridge Cottage

Coleridge Cottage was the home of Samual Taylor Coleridge and his family from 1797 to 1800. During his stay here, he wrote some of his best-known works in arguably his most creative period.

Previously, the visitor experience of the cottage fell below it's potential, so the National Trust decide to take visitors back in time with a faithful reproduction of the cottage and it's gardens as it was in Coleridge's time. The result is an award-winning, fully interactive experience that enables visitors to really immerse themselves in life in Coleridge's time. With its rooms that appear as though their 18th century inhabitants have just left, to costumes that patrons can wear as they pose for photos, Coleridge Cottage is a snapshot of what inspired one of the greatest Romanticists to some of English poetry's most familiar works.

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