• Kingshill Nature Reserve

Kingshill Nature Reserve, North Lanarkshire

The Kingshill No.3 mine shaft, sunk in 1946 by the new National Coal Board in Scotland, was an essential source of coal for a country recovering from the financial and social ravages of the Second World War.

From employing over 700 people from the nearby towns in the late 50s, the mine was exhausted by 1974, closed and left to the elements for many years.

This allowed the development of many important habitats and species, including 20 species of butterfly, dragonflies and whirlygig beetles. With the help of £30,000 from Viridor Credits, Central Scotland Forest Trust has embarked on a series of management works including thinning and coppicing, Japanese Knotweed control and path improvements. They have also used existing wood from old fences to create dams to stop the water flow in the peat bog habitat. Future works include interpretation boards, native woodland planting and other management works.

Far from being neglected, this area of land that gave so much to the local community is receiving some expert conservational care to restore and enhance its natural value for the enjoyment of all.

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