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Royal Regiment of Fusilier's Museum, London

The Fusilier Museum London tells the story of a British infantry regiment raised at the Tower of London in 1685. Originally an ordnance Regiment, tasked with protecting the Tower's guns, the Fusiliers were equipped with the Fusil musket, from which they took their name.

This museum follows the Regiment from its formation to the present day and displays an important collection of objects and archive material relating to their history. The story is told through the fascinating personal experiences of individual officers and soldiers and draws on the museum's rich archive of war diaries and letters.

"The museum was last refurbished in the 1980s. It desperately needed refurbishment and redesign to bring it up to a standard worthy of a Regiment with such a rich history, and worthy of its place in the Tower of London" said Major Colin Bowes-Crick, Museum Curator and Area Regimental Secretary.

Thanks to funding from Viridor Credits of £106,000, along with contributions from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Uren Foundation, a total of £800,000 was reached in order to refurbish the museum.

The museum is filled with personal stories, supported by the large number of social history objects in the collection. The redevelopment allows more of this extraordinary collection to be on display than ever before.

One of the most unusual exhibits is a copy of ''A Defaulters Boot', an iron boot that was applied to the leg of Fusilier R. Reginald, who was suspected of aggravating a wound in order to avoid duties. After 12 days in the boot, the wound healed. Reginald's deceit was uncovered and he was sentenced to 500 lashes by Regimental Court Martial.

A brand new medals gallery showcases over 5,000 impressive medals belonging to the Regiment. The highlight of which is the display of 12 of the Regiment's Victoria Crosses; the highest gallantry award in the British Army. A cutting edge interactive showcase also uses touch screen technology to allow the visitor to discover the amazing stories of the medal winners.

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