• Hillsborough Park

Hillsborough Park Walled Garden

The walled garden in Hillsborough Park was a derelict site until action by the Hillsborough Community Development Trust rescued it for the use of the community.

The redeveloped park was opened in 1993 by the Duke of Kent and as since been a refuge for people all over Sheffield. The garden also attracts volunteers, students and trainees who use the greenhouses and gardens to learn more about horticulture.

The garden organises plant sales of cuttings from plants grown in the greenhouses, helping to fund the volunteer activities and raise the profile of the walled garden. Activites in the garden aren't just resticted to plant cultivation, with Christmas festivals, fun days and concerts all taking place in the beautiful grounds.

In 2008, Friends of Hillsborough Park approached Viridor Credits to help fund the installation of external greenhouse blinds. The blinds were installed to help regulate the temperature inside the greenhouses, making working conditions better for volunteers, increase the diversity of plants able to grow inside and reduce the risk of drying out of seedlings and plants.