Dronsfield Sports Centre, Derbyshire

The first trampoline was created by George Nissen in the early 1930s, following his observation of trapeze artists bouncing off the safety net. Since then trampolining has grown hugely in popularity as both a form of exercise and entertainment and became an Olympic sport in the year 2000.

Gymnastics significantly predate trampolining originating in ancient Greece. They developed further centuries later in Germany, where the horizontal bar, parallel bars and the vaulting horse were made. Both extremely popular today, gymnastics and trampolining are a highlight of many P.E. curricula in schools across the country.

Due to increasing numbers of adults and children taking part, leisure centres like Dronfield Sports Centre couldn't cope with the demand and had long waiting lists. Thanks to a grant from Viridor Credits of £9,244, the sports centre has been able to increase numbers and now has eleven gymnastics classes, with 165 gymnasts taking part and nine trampolining classes with 108 students.

The money from Viridor Credits, and North East Derbyshire District Council allowed the centre to buy a set of gymnastics 'A-bars' with folding legs and a full size trampoline with integrated end decks and safety mats.

"We're delighted with the improvements the equipment has made to Dronfield Sports Centre. We're now able to run three classes a week and hope to have some budding Olympians in our midst very soon." Colin Edwards, Gymnastics Coach.


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