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MIddleton Lakes - Lifeline for Lapwings

The story of one of the RSPB’s newest nature reserves, Middleton Lakes, has been watched by many with interest. In its opening year, the reserve has been given a huge helping hand towards unfolding the next chapter by Viridor Credits Environmental Company; having awarded £406,000 through the Landfill Communities Fund towards turning the reserve into a haven for breeding lapwings. The award was given to commemorate Viridor Credits' 10th anniversary.


The project "a lifeline for lapwings" aims to restore 20 hectares of floodplain grazing marsh habitat to bring back wading birds such as the lapwing, redshank and snipe to their former strongholds. This will provide them with a chance to breed successfully and to help reverse the severe decline in their populations.

The first step of the project involves re-profiling the land. We will create ditches and pools, and install sluices to protect nesting areas from unseasonal flooding. Once the landscaping is complete, the new meadows will be seeded with a rich grass and wild flower mix. Longhorn cattle and Konik ponies will graze the meadows. The project will encourage further community engagement from visitors across the country and local residents, children and volunteers of all ages.

Further updates to follow.

Photo credits

Main image, lapwing and lapwing chick - Andy Hay @RSPB images

Lapwing in grassland - Chris Gomersall @RSPB images

Konik Pony - David Tipling @RSPB images

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