Great Walls of Ire!

The congregation of St Mary's, Beddington are delighted to see their dilapidated churchyard wall finally rebuilt. The early 19th century Grade II listed wall had succumbed not only to age, but to being hit by vehicles parking nearby and to vandalism. It was beyond making good and needed to be taken down and rebuilt.

The problem was the cost - around £140,000! This was totally beyond the means of the congregation. It was with much relief and excitement therefore when Viridor Credits Environmental Company stepped up with an outstanding grant to enable to work to go ahead.

Christine Morgan, Churchwarden, said: "I was on tenterhooks waiting to hear whether our application for a grant had been successful. Being located in such a picturesque area of the borough, many people visit regularly and I was always being asked when "something" was going to be done to the wall. It really was letting down the appearance of the Carew Manor Conservation Area. But gathering the sort of money it was going to cost would have meant very many years of fundraising - and time was not on our side. It was an impossible situation. The grant, made through the Landfill Communities Fund, made it all possible. The entire length of the south wall was taken down to foundation level and rebuilt using the original flints. Repair works to the west wall were also undertaken at the same time. We are all very pleased with the result and have received many compliments.

Just one request - please don't hit it if you're parking nearby!"

St Mary before      St Mary after