Elton Vale Sports Club, Bury

Elton Vale Sports Club is a well established club in Bury that has, in the past received funding from Viridor Credits towards their artificial cricket wicket and tennis courts.

0793 GM PAV Elton Vale Sports Club , Bury NB 12.09.18 (1)                                          9431 GM CV Elton Vale Tennis Club NB 30.11.16 (1)

The latest project included grounds equipment and funding towards the lighting in the main function room.  The official opening was attended by Elaine Shirt from our North Steering Group on the 18th May 2019.  The new grounds equipment was the first on the list to be demonstrated 

EVSP Tractor before                                       EVSP Tractor after

                                     Old tractor                                                                                                         New tractor

followed by the opening of the function room renamed after John Law, (who was a trustee, President, former cricket captain and football captain and member of the club for over 50 years) who died last year.  

EVSP Hall before

          EVSP Hall opening              

EVSP Hall after   

              Before                                                                      Ceremony                                                             After