Bridgwater Art Centre Funding Boost

The Chair, Board and staff of Bridgwater Arts Centre are delighted to announce their award of funding from the Viridor Credits Main Grants Scheme.


This will be used to fund the first stage of a three phase development programme focused on major improvements to the ground floor. These improvements will include the complete redecoration of the 18th century Kelting Room, renovation of the Gallery and a major upgrading to the Courtyard Garden. The original wooden floors will be restored and care will be taken to ensure that all decoration/ refurbishment is in keeping with the centre's designated status as a Grade 1 Listed building¬≠ a building of exceptional historical and cultural interest. Only 2.5% of listed buildings are Grade I. Bridgwater Arts Centre is the oldest arts centre in the country, celebrating its 70th anniversary this year.


A spokesperson for Bridgwater Arts Centre said,

'This is a huge step forward for us here at Bridgwater Arts Centre. The generosity of Viridor Credits means we can offer the community an enhanced customer experience and more opportunities for artistic and community engagement. The second phase of our development project will be focused on a major upgrade to the remaining areas of the ground floor, including the theatre. We are also currently looking to offer an in house coffee bar. There are other exciting plans afoot to create an upstairs Creative Hub for artistic and community use.'

An innovative and forward looking development plan for the future direction of Bridgwater Arts Centre has just been agreed by the Board and staff. 'We have thought very hard about how we can best meet the creative and community needs of Bridgwater. We want those who use Bridgwater Arts Centre to 'participate, enjoy and engage' ­ and will take every step to ensure that this happens. So, watch this space!

A big thank you to Bridgwater Art Centre for the above press release and photos. If this project has inspired you and you would like to discuss funding for a project in your local area, please get in touch using the contact us page.