• Altazimuth Pavilion

Royal Observatory looks to the stars again

National Maritime Museum's altazimuth pavilion was the scene of celebration this week as it was officially opened following extensive refurbishment.

The Victorian observatory, which was bombed in the war and almost demolished in the 1950s, has been returned to its original purpose as a star-gazing facility with the installation of the Annie Maunder Astrolographic Telescope, named after the pioneering Victorian Astronomer.

Annie Maunder was unrecognised in her time (her achievements being attributed to her husband), and this refurbishment celebrates her life's work and allows amateurs and experts alike to see our solar system as she did so long ago.

Viridor Credits supported the refurbishment with an award of £49,500.

For more information on the pavilion, Annie Maunder and the new telescope, please click here.