Compliments and Complaints and Requests for Feedback

Viridor Credits Values

 We take pride in: 

  • Guiding  customers successfully through their application processes and project journeys
  • Distributing available funding to help communities achieve their project ambitions
  • Treating all applicants consistently and fairly
  • Being friendly, supportive and approachable
  • Being a professional and hard working team 

The standard of customer service we provide is important to us so we welcome and constructive feedback. The information below explains how to make a compliment or complaint and how we will respond.


Viridor Credits aims to provide a high level of customer service. Positive comments and feedback are much appreciated. If you would like to make a compliment, please do so by phone, letter or email using the contact details below. All compliments are shared with the team and provide a source of praise and encouragement, details of wich are below.


Viridor Credits takes all complaints very seriously and aims to deal with them responsibly, efficiently and effectively, in a manner that is appropriate to the individual complaint. Please note that the complaints procedure should not be used when applications for funding have been declined. A separate procedure is in operation for this type of feedback request.

All complaints should be sent by letter or email to the contact details below.

All complaints will be acknowledged within five working days of receipt.

All complaints will be investigated and the outcome provided to complainants within 10 working days. In circumstances where a complaint cannot be investigated within 10 working days the complainant will be informed why and will be given an estimated response time.

Should you not be satisfied with the initial outcome of your complaint, you have the right to refer your complaint to the General Manager for review.

Requests for Feedback

We have made changes to the way we operate in response to external changes.  The first of these is a decrease in the total funding available for projects, as the amount of waste committed to landfill decreases.  The second change is an increase in the number of high quality projects applying for funding.   Our response to these changes has been to introduce a more robust method of assessing projects against key criteria such that we can continue to use what funding we have to support the very best projects.

As a result of these changes it is inevitable that some projects will fail to meet our quality baseline and will be declined by our Grants Officers.

Should you wish to request feedback on your application, we would encourage you to call and speak to a member of the team in the first instance. However if you are not satisfied with the outcome, the next stage is to contact us via letter or email using the contact details below.

All written requests for feedback will be acknowledged within two working days and will be replied to within 10 working days.

Should you not be satisfied with the written outcome of your request for feedback, you have the right to refer your request to the General Manager for review.

Contact Details

Gareth Williams

Operations Manager

Viridor Credits

1st Floor Aintree House

Blackbrook Park Avenue




01823 476476