• Closing Dates

Closing Dates - 2018 and 2019

Click HERE for our most up-to-date closing and meeting dates dates for 2018 and beyond (this will download a .pdf file to your computer).

The closing date relates to the successful submission of Stage 2 of the application form. There is no specific date for submission of a Stage 1 enquiry.

Any Stage 2 application that is not complete or that has any issues after the closing date will not be considered at the following meeting. You are strongly advised to submit your Stage 2 application far in advance of the closing date to ensure that any issues with your application can be resolved before the closing date. 

Please note that the meeting dates are updated regularly and are subject to change.

However closing dates will always be:-

January 31st

April 30th

July 31st

October 31st

Updated: 23rd October 2018